Tips to save money in UAE when you are on visit visa to find a job


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If you are planning to visit UAE to find a job, then you already would have a restricted budget. Therefore, You would wish to spend the minimum amount of money. So I specifically wrote this article to help you save more money and still enjoy your stay.

he things that I am going to mention here in this article you won’t find anywhere on the internet, because it is my personal experience.

save money uae


I have been in UAE for more than three years. And I wasted a lot of money on different things due to lack of wise decisions. It doesn’t mean that I had to make some scientific calculations or financial analysis. With time, I just started to make better decisions based on my experience.

So here are the things you need to keep in mind to save money in UAE when you are on visit visa to find a job


When you are planning and budgeting your trip, you need to keep in mind that a big chunk of your money you would spend on accommodation in UAE. Because it is particularly expensive here in UAE.
Most of the time you would prefer to stay in Dubai. But you would have to keep in mind Dubai is a very expensive place to live. Especially if you are coming on visit visa to find a job with a small budget.

So the first thing is to find a shared accommodation for you. When I say shared accommodation, it might have two meanings. First is you can find a separate room for you in a flat (an expensive option). And the second is you can share a room with someone (depends upon your budget, how many people you would prefer in one room).

If you are coming on visit visa to find a job in UAE with the restricted budget, you can read my tips here to save money on shared accommodation.
If you are visiting UAE to find a job and you don’t have any chance to find a free accommodation for you with some family/friend, then you should prefer to stay in Sharjah.

Look of Sharjah


You can easily commute from Sharjah to Dubai every day for your interviews or just for fun. Furthermore, you can arrange your residence near to Dubai/Sharjah border.

It is very easy to find buses on Dubai side anytime by only 10 minutes walking from Sharjah to Dubai side. But you will save a lot of money on your residence in UAE.

Here are some useful links to arrange your stay,




I have met many people who complain taxi is very expensive in Dubai. Yes, it is expensive. If you are coming on a visit visa to find a job, better to avoid using taxi and use public transport. But if you are in a hurry or running late for an interview then of course taxi is a recommended alternative.

Dubai has the most developed public transportation system in the whole UAE. You will find buses, metro, tram, marine transport even a helicopter ride.


dubai transport

Even you can get a metro on the airport and save a lot of money on a taxi. Metro stations are directly linked to the airport. So just go there grab you Nol card and start traveling.

When you plan your accommodation, make sure you would choose something near to the metro station or a bus stop. So you won’t waste your time on traveling.


You can download this app of transport authority of Dubai which would help you plan your journeys according to your suitable time.

And You can also visit this website to know the fares and prices of public transport, so when you plan your trip, you would have all these things and expenses in your mind.


There are a lot of supermarkets and grocery shops in UAE. You will find 2-3 stores in each building and be working 24 hours, so it is never a problem to find your grocery items.
And here is a “But”! But you will have to pay all the time 1-2 dirham extra for any item. And at the end of the month you can end up paying may be AED 200 extra. So you need to switch to bigger supermarkets to save money on your grocery instead of street grocery shops.
You can find supermarkets like Lulu Hypermarket, Carrefour, Spinneys, Waitrose in shopping malls or different areas as well.
These all supermarkets also have some price difference. I would recommend you to go to Lulu hypermarket or Carrefour. They always have some nice offers and deals on your daily use stuff so you can save some money.


grocery in UAE

Yes, it is a tactic of supermarkets to attract customers. But you don’t need to care as long as you need something and find it at a lower price.